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Frequently Asked Questions

Worried aged mother embracing comforting

Is Therapy Right for Me?

Are you are experiencing symptoms of Depression such as: sadness, crying, hopelessness, helplessness, isolation, child outburst/tantrums, school avoidance, a drop in grades, suicidal ideation, no interest in things formerly interesting, poor sleep, or poor appetite? 

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety such as: racing thoughts, shakiness, rapid heart rate, child outbursts/tantrums, nervousness, panic attacks, feelings as if you are going crazy, or sweating? 

If you have one or more these symptoms please call for a FREE consultation to see if therapy is right for you! 

Worried aged mother embracing comforting
Payment Options

Do you Accept Insurance?

At Calming Corner Therapy we understand the life struggles related to finances. At this time we are ACCEPTING BCBS PPO and self-pay clients. 

CCT can complete a FREE benefits and eligibility check. Please call for more details. 

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Now What?


Now that you are interested in  therapy services, the first step is to CALL for a FREE 10 minute consultation. Once a clinically trained staff member evaluates your symptoms, they will notify you if individual therapy is right for you. 

If a higher level of care is recommended, a clinical staff member will help find local resources to help you. 

Once you agree to therapy, our clinical staff will set up an intake appointment and then email you a link to our HIPPA client portal through Theranest. In the portal you will fill out new client forms. Therenest provides HIPPA client Telehealth Video Conferencing so you can complete therapy with peace. 

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